Rules & Regulations

General Rules and Regulations for Fruit Cove Recreation Club Inc. (FCRC)

  1. FCRC is a family-friendly environment. We ask that you always dress appropriately.
  2. Smoking, vaping, and tobacco products are not allowed in or around the facility.
  3. Report any damaged or broken equipment to a staff member.
  4. Youth under the age of 10 are required to be in the Kids Zone unless supervised by someone 10 years of age or older. Youth under the age of 10 are not to be in common areas (lobby, gymnasium, and concession area) unattended.
  5. Only youth 10 years old or older are allowed on the fitness floor. Exceptions can be made by the Board of Directors.
  6. Obscene language, gestures, inappropriate displays of affection will not be tolerated.
  7. Consumption of snacks will be allowed in the lobby area. Past the lobby area, only Drinks in an enclosed container, will be allowed.
  8. Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be permitted on facility.
  9. Chewing gum is not allowed inside Fruit Cove Recreation Club Inc.
  10. Glass containers of any kind are prohibited.
  11. FCRC is focused on sustainability. We will only have recyclable containers on the premise for recyclables only. All trash you bring in. must be taken off the premise with you.
  12. Pets are not permitted in or on the facilities at this time. Service animals are permitted.
  13. FCRC is not responsible for personal property or valuables at any time.
  14. FCRC has many outdoor surfaces including grass, asphalt, millings and fire rated gravel. Walking/jogging, running on these surfaces is at your own risk. Do not park or walk on fire rated gravel, unless you comfortable walking on uneven surfaces.
  15. All sounds emanating from the facilities, including talking, singing, audio equipment, or musical instruments shall be maintained at such volume as to not become a nuisance or unreasonable annoyance to others at or near the facility.
  16. Furniture, such as tables, chairs, etc., shall be returned to their original location, if moved.
  17. Meeting rooms may not be used to conduct any activity, program or other events unless approved by FCRC.
  18. Guests are not allowed on the property, without accompanied member. Guests are required to pay usage fee, if participating in any activities on the premise. Members allowed on the property during operating hours only.
  19. Only employees, coaches, and instructors of FCRC are authorized to provide training, instruction, or lessons on premises.
  20. Fruit Cove Recreation Club Inc. reserves the right to use photographs, videotaped images, quotes/comments, names for publicity and educational and media purposes.
  21. No person shall misuse, damage, cut, carve, transplant, or remove any tree, plant, wood turf or ground cover, or pick the flowers or seeds of any tree or plant, or attach any rope, wire or other object to any tree or plant, except as authorized.
  22. No person shall climb any tree or walk, stand, or sit upon monuments, fountains, railing, fences or upon other property not designated or customarily used for the purposes.
  23. No person shall hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, chase, tease, shoot or throw objects at any animal, reptile, or bird except for normal protective action against dangerous animals and poisonous reptiles, or pick, harm or destroy the natural plants, flowers, shrubs or wildlife.
  24. No person shall take or collect fish from the retention pond.
  25. No person shall use, carry, or possess firearms, air rifles, BB guns, bow and arrows, crossbows, spears, slings or any other dangerous weapons, except in specific times set aside for the uses while on the premises.
  26. No person shall dump, deposit, or leave any bottles, broken glass, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, bottle caps, cartons, dirt, rubbish, waste, garbage, or any other trash except that incidental to the use of the facility (land or water) and which must be deposited in the receptacles provided.
  27. No person shall build, light, kindle or maintain any open or outdoor fire at any place within the boundaries of land or water owned, managed, controlled, or operated by FCRC, except in areas or facilities specifically built and designated for this purpose.
  28. No person shall park, abandon, or otherwise allow to remain, automobiles and other conveyances at FCRC facilities between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Any automobile or other conveyance parked, abandoned, or otherwise allowed to remain on facilities after 10:00 p.m. without permission will, unless otherwise posted, be deemed to be unlawfully parked or left standing and the vehicle may be ordered towed away.
  29. Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, or member pets (trained assist animals excluded) are not permitted inside the recreation facility.
  30. Softballs, baseballs and frisbees are not permitted.
  31. FCRC is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including in the parking lot.
  32. No loitering on the premise. We hope you enjoy your time at FCRC, however, if you are not participating in an activity or social event, kindly leave the premise so others can enjoy.
  33. The use of FCRC facilities is a privilege and participants are expected to be good citizens and respect the rights of others. Individuals who engage in unacceptable or irresponsible behavior may have their access to facilities revoked or modified indefinitely.
  34. No person within the facilities shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself/herself and others. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, shall be grounds for expulsion. Threats, fights, sexual harassment, racism, and bullying will not be tolerated. Incidents will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Incidents can and will lead to membership cancelation and trespassing from the property. FCRC directors can suspend members until outcome is decided. All users shall conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with the “Family-Friendly Environment” of the facilities.
  35. Owner’s retreat/house is not available for member use at this time. Please do not enter home without permission.
  36. All members are allowed use of restroom and shower facilities along with lobby and coffee bar, when open. Any member being inappropriate or participating in “horse play” will be asked to leave and conduct will be reported to the directors to determine membership status.

Recreation Club

  1. Everyone must check in.
  2. Wipe off equipment after use.
  3. Put your weights and equipment back.
  4. Report unsafe/dirty bathroom conditions immediately to the fitness center staff.
  5. Report any issues with equipment to staff member.
  6. Rubber soled shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn at all times. For health and safety reasons, sandals, spiked shoes, work boots and flip flop types of shoes are not permitted.
  7. Food is not permitted in the fitness room. Closed, plastic beverage containers are allowed.
  8. Do not drop any equipment (barbells, dumb bells or kettle bells).
  9. Only members shall be on the floor for the current class.
  10. If you are not a member of the active class, please do not disturb the coach or instructor leading the other members. Please move to the lobby area or outside.
  11. Clips must be used with barbells.
  12. Please read the Class Policy.
  13. Coaches and instructors should be notified immediately of any injury.
  14. All persons shall pay attention to the coaches during the instruction time.
  15. Coaches are responsible for all music.
  16. Please do not lift near your max during open gym.
  17. No headphones during group classes.
  18. Lockers will be provided for your personal use. If you choose not to use a locker, please have a gym bag that will store your loose items.
  19. Kids will only be allowed in the designated kid zone if not actively working out. Parents are responsible for any distractions.

Be Patient. Fitness is a journey.

Pickleball Courts

  1. Courts are for Fruit Cove Recreation Club Inc members only.
  2. All members must check in.
  3. Hours of play: 7am – 9pm
  4. Tennis or soft souled shoes required. No shoes that leave marks on the court.
  5. Persons waiting to play must stay outside the fenced court area.
  6. No alcoholic beverages, glass, pets, food, profanity, vaping or smoking allowed on the courts.
  7. No rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards or motorized ride-ons allowed on the courts.
  8. Member pets are not allowed on the premise, at this time.
  9. During open play, please play on courts that match your skill level.
  10. During open play, use paddle system to rotate on/off courts, unless director sets up challenge courts. (4 on/4 off)
  11. Please abide by court system in Court Reserve.
  12. Bags are allowed on the courts, so long as they are out of the way of players.
  13. No bright yellow or green shirts or shorts allowed during play.
  14. If ball hits the big top during a lob, player that lobbed the ball, loses the point.
  15. No chairs allowed on the court.
  16. Spectators are not allowed on the court.
  17. Music is not allowed without permission.
  18. During weather events-players will need to reduce court usage in 1⁄2 so all activities can resume in covered areas. Games will be to 9, win by 1.
  19. Use designated gate for the court you are playing.
  20. Members must sign up on Court Reserve for open play.
  21. Cancellations are subject to a fee.
  22. Please respect your reservation time. Your court is potentially reserved immediately after your time and players could be waiting.
  23. Please respect each other and the sport. No throwing of paddles, kicking structures on the property or cursing out your opponents or you will be asked to leave.
  24. Do not hop the fences or run into the fences.
  25. Do not override the lights or play outside of hours of play without permission from one of the directors.