Fruit Cove Recreation Club is a non-profit social club formed by and for the Fruit Cove community. Our purpose is to bring health, fitness, and enjoyment to the area while building relationships and connections with friends and neighbors. If you’re looking for anything from getting in shape to enjoying a game of pickleball for the first time, you will find other people just like you. 

There is no prerequisite knowledge or level of training you need to start. Just come ready to discover. You will have a community that walks beside you as we learn together.

You will find many activities going on, from fitness training to pickleball. With each program we offer, our staff has deliberately placed our members at the middle of all we do. Our staff, coaches, and trainers are committed to the success of our members.

We believe in what we provide, so you will see our coaches and staff training in classes right along side you or playing on the next court.


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