Heather Davenport

Crossfit Trainer

Heather is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer. Her previous experience as a USAT triathlon coach, “All-World” Ironman athlete and ULTRA-distance marathon runner brought her to CrossFit.

She battled repetitive-use injuries, chronic inflammation and a stagnant metabolism. She was seeing the same among her clients and was drawn to CrossFit as a way to improve overall fitness, incorporate weightlifting and address weaknesses that had developed as a result of redundant movement patterns.

Heather realized gains almost immediately and wanted to share CrossFit with anyone who would listen. After all, “CrossFit truly is for EVERYONE!” She’s a stickler for safety and for adherence to standards. Her favorite athletes are the brand-new crossfitters. She loves watching them overcome their initial apprehension, achieve goals they never thought possible and find their place in our amazing community.