Anisia Castro

crossfit trainer

Crossfit Trainer

Anisia was a former professional track athlete who specialized in the 400-meter hurdles, proudly representing Mexico on the international stage! Having transitioned from athlete to a trainer, Anisia is excited to share her expertise and passion for fitness to others to help them achieve their personal goals.

With extensive experience as a bootcamp trainer, Anisia’s goal is to empower individuals to surpass their own expectations, build strength, improve endurance, and achieve their fitness goals. With her energetic and motivating coaching style, she creates a supportive and inclusive environment, where participants can thrive, challenge themselves, and make significant progress in their fitness journey.

Not only is Anisia an incredible CrossFit athlete, she is also a CrossFit-L1 trainer. Combining her knowledge of bootcamp with the functional fitness methodologies of CrossFit, Anisia offers a well-rounded approach to her clients. She understands the importance of proper technique, safety and how to customize movements, ensuring everyone can participate and progress at their own pace. We also look forward to her programming our first bootcamp style workout at “The Club”!!