Adam Clark

Crossfit Trainer

Adam Clark was born and raised right here in Jacksonville. He participated in many different sports growing up before landing on one of his true passions - CrossFit. Adam has achieved throughout his career the Level 2 CrossFit Certificate and has specialty certificates in endurance, USA Weightlifting, Active Life, and Pickleball. Adam has been coaching CrossFit since 2013 and has the best “Dad” jokes around…get ready! When Adam is not doing CrossFit, he is an avid Pickleball player and has competed in many tournaments all throughout Jacksonville.

“My passion is helping people reach their fitness goals and coaching allows me to do that. I’m an early riser, so I love coming in and seeing my athletes start their day off with energy, great workouts and positive vibes that carries into the rest of their day. My goal is to inspire our members discover their potential and achieve their fitness goals. My passion is having members leave my class feeling more confident inside and outside the gym.”